LED Tube / Fluorescent Tube Retrofit

Save Up To 65% In Energy Cost By Replacing Your Existing Fluorescent Tubes With an LED Tube.
Keep Your Existing Fixture
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Fluorescent Tube Retrofit


Our LED lamps produce the same quality of light as traditional lamps with only a fraction of the power. Save up to 85% on your energy bill.


Once installed our lamps are maintenance-free, just fit them and forget them. Save around 90% on your maintenance costs.


That’s 20 years if on for 7 hours a day or 11 years at 12 hours a day. So whatever your future holds, it’s bound to be bright.


LED T8 Tubes


So What's So Special About An LED Tubular Light?

You Can realistically save up to 65% on your lighting expenses.

It only takes about 10 minutes to retrofit.

Never change another ballast.

Last up to 50,000 hours or about 10 years.

Fluorescent Tubes Are Cheap...Why Change?

It's all about energy savings and maintenance cost associated with using old technology (fluorescent tubes). Environmental laws are changing and the future will bring changes that eliminate T8 and T12 fluorescent lighting. The fact of the matter is T8 and T12 fluorescent lighting cannot compete with the energy saving efficiency of an LED Tube or T5 lighting. Both of these technologies are more environmentally friendly and and LED Tube has NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS.

A fluorescent bulb emits light 360 degrees around the fluorescent tube wasting a tremendous amount of lighting ability and utilities. This cost you money every month. Fluorescent tube lights contain mercury and that cost you money everytime you replace one there is a disposal fee.

An LED tube contains no mercury or other harmul elements. The LED Tube waste absolutely NO Light. All of the LED light aims down so the light is aimed where it is needed and wanted. A typical 4' fluorescent tube is about 32W. A 4' LED tube is only 18W. An LED last 50,000 plus hours and there is no ballast replacement. The tube is made out of acrylic so no more hazardous clean up with broken fluorescent tubes. The most important and least talked about is they eliminate.......HEADACHES.

Fluorescent Tubes lighting


When you replace an old fluorescent tube with an LED you will not only get a better quality light but your employees, school children if used in a school will tell you that they no longer are having headaches. There have been many studies done on the effects of flickering fluorescent tubes and buzzing from the ballast producing headaches. So in the long run your cost to operate will be lower, your production will be higher because of better light and your monthly electric bill will continue to go down as electric prices continue to go up. The time to Green UP is NOW.

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 LED Tubes


We have one of the only DLC listed LED Tubes in the country. Why is this important?  Federal and State tax credits may be available along with Local Utility Company Rebates. In mose cases when they are avaialble they require a DLC listing to be approved for the rebates. Contact your local utility company to see if there are rebates avaialble in your area. Call for more information 513-702-3533. Or email us a  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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 DLC Tubes specifications

T8 Tube specifications

LED T8 SpecificationInternal Driver T8 Tubes

Panel Lights Are Another Way To

Reduce Your Energy Cost

LED Panel LightsPanel Light specifications


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  • Eliminate Migraine Headaches
  • Students love these lights no humming or buzzing
  • Update Your T12 Fluorescents That Will Be Banned Soon
  • Our LED Uses ONLY 16W and has a 5 Year Warranty and requires NO ballast
  • Our 4' Tube is UL Approved abd DLC Listed If Needed For Rebates



Restaurants & Hotels, Shopping mall, Retail & Grocery, Show room, Airport, Project Gallery, Hospitals, Parking, Schools

What Color Should I Use? 

Kelvin Chart w Lighting Applications

color LED

Choosing the right color:

  • Light color is measured on a temperature scale referred to as Kelvin (K).

  • Lower Kelvin numbers mean the light appears more yellow; higher Kelvin numbers mean the light is whiter or bluer.

  • For a whiter light, look for bulbs marked 3500-4100K.

  • For bluer white light, look for bulbs marked 5000-6500K.  

Industrial Customers seem to like the Day White Color because there employees love the brightness of the 6000K light. Some schools are switching to the Day White light because the students lover the way the bright light makes the print jump off the page.

If you are looking for a new LED light it would be worth checking out a few different kinds of Kelvin styles to see how you like them. Another thing to keep in mind...we have found that when you use the 6000K LED lights you may only need half the light of what you are use to. 

In a 4 troth fluorescent fixture we have retrofitted only 2 of our LED lights for the same light output saving you additional money.

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