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Eliminate T12, T8 and T5 Tubes!

Neu-Tech Energy Solutions has sold thousands of LED Retrofit Lights to replace existing HID, HPS AND FLUORESCENT TUBE lights inparking lot light fixtures, flood lights, wall packs, fluorescent tube fixtures, decorative lamps and moreall across the country. With savings up to 80%, great pricing and payback under 2 years you can't go wrong.


Old Double T12 Fixture

242 Watts

New LED Super Strip only

104 Watts


This is a typical application of a large 100,000 Square Foot warehouse that was using (96”)Double T12 High Output Lamps. They spent about $3000 a year in maintenance on these T12 Light Fixtures. Our LED Super Strips will eliminate their lighting maintenance for the next 10 Plus years and they will reduce their energy consumption by 57% and increase their light output by up to 30%. We can replace any T5, T8, T12 or LED Tube Light and save you money.


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   Use Your Existing Fixture             Pull Out Existing Tubes                 Insert New LED Super Strips



                 Truck Repair Facility                                                        Large Food Distributor

 LED Super Strips


Automobile Service Department  Manufacturing Plant

      Automobile Service Department                                              Manufacturing Plant



The Facts



  • Linear LED Super Strips have no mercury.
  • No flickering or buzzing equals no migraines or headaches
  • No glass to shatter

Operating cost

  • 50 - 70% reduction in wattage with LED linear strips over T-8, T-12 and T-5 florescent bulbs
  • No disposal cost for a linear LED Super Strip
  • Eliminate Maintenance Cost for 10 Plus Years

Operating performance

  • Up to 30% more light output with LED linear strips
  • 117,000 hour life Linear LED strips are up to 75% more efficient. Fluorescent bulbs last an average of 16,000 hrs.
  • LED linear strips still give off Light at End-Of-Life, 70% - Florescent bulbs are dead at end of life.
  • In order to keep up with LED linear strips, you will have to replace the T8 bulbs 6 times.


No Need To Keep Replacing Your T5, T8 or T12 Fluorescent Tubes Every Few Years When You Can Retrofit Them With Our LED SUPER STRIP Lights  That Last over 100,000 Hours and Give you 30% More Light



Three (3) Easy To Install Kits


For Fixtures Up To 16’ high using 2-6 T8 Fluorescent Tubes 4’ Long. Example: Existing T8 Six Bulb Fixture will use (2) of our 40 Watt Super LED Strips.   86 Total Watts versus existing 225 Watts…Over 60% Energy Savings and up to 30% brighter and will last 117,000 hours.


For Fixtures Up To 24’ high using T12 or T8 Fluorescent Tubes 8’ Long. Example: A double 8’, T12 Fluorescent Fixture will use (3) of our 32 Watt Super LED Strips with a total of 104 Watts versus the existing Double T12 at 242 Watts. A 57% savings and up to 30% brighter and will last 117,000 hours


For Fixtures Up To 30’ high using 6 Bulb T8 or 5 bulb T5 HO fixtures. Example: Existing 6 Bulb T8 or 5 Bulb HO T5 will be using 225-235 Watts. We will use (4) of our 32 Watt Super LED Strips using only 132 Watts. A 44% savings in energy and up to 30% brighter and will last 117,000 hours.


Call Our LED Super Strip Lighting Specialist

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Please include height of existing fixtures, type of fixtures, number of lights, watts and volts and a picture would be great


For Ceilings Under 10" We Recommend Using Our

LED Magic Tubes That Are Ballast Compatible


ballast compatible LED tubes

LED Tube


Not All LED Tubes Are Built The Same

Beware Of The Internet And Low LED Tube Prices!


At Neu-Tech Energy Solutions we provide solutions to your lighting needs. What you see on the internet might look good but the facts are you better know what you are doing when ordering a LED Tube to replace your existing T12, T8 or T5 Fluorescent tubes.

You need to be aware that there are several different kinds of ballast out there and there are tombstones that are shunted and non shunted. There are some that are wired DC and some that are wired AC. Are you ordering the right color with the right wattage? There is a difference!

When you deal with Neu-Tech Energy Solutions we will provide you a complete custom lighting package for your application.

In some cases you may want a 15W Warm White in a particular place and a 22W Day White in another where people are reading fine print and you need more light. You may have a high ceiling above 15' that might lead us to tell you that you need one of our LED Super Strips instead of a standard LED tube.



  • Magic Tube can work both with or without a ballast
  • A fantastic replacement “plug and play” tube or retrofit kit
  • Compatible with over 90 percent of all North American electronic ballasts
  • The versatility of the “Magic Tube” supports massive projects with different types of ballasts
  • Input voltage up to AC100-277V/347V with ballast and AC100- 277V without ballast
  • Suitable for damp or dry environments
  • UL, ETL, DLC, NSF Qualified
  • Globally Patented Technology
  • 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Common Technical Data

Color Temperature

2700K to 5000K

Beam Angle

180 Degrees

Color Consistency

4 Steps


> 80

Operation Temperature

-30ºC to 40ºC

Efficiency with ballast

More than 110 LPW

Efficiency without ballast

More than 125 LPW

Input Voltage with ballast

100-277VAC, 347 V

Input Voltage without ballast




Power Factor

More than 0.99

Rated Life

50,000 hours

LED Type




For more information on our LED Tubes or any of our LED Retrofit Lighting Products give anyone of our Lighting Specialist A Call.

We will be happy to help you customize a lighting plan for our facility that will make all your employees happy. Proper lighting for reading, packing, picking products, machine work, painting etc are all different. Let us help you order the right product the first time.

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